Special Issue «Anthropic Infrastructures in the Landscape: Ecological Effects on Terrestrial Ecosystems»

Land an Open Access Journal by MDPI.

Guest Editors:  Carlos Iglesias-Merchan & Aimara Planillo (IZW-Berlin).

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Anthropic infrastructures are needed in society today, and more are expected to be built in the near future. They can become an important component of landscapes and can have profound effects on ecosystems. Indeed, anthropic infrastructures may function as drivers of change at several spatial and temporal scales, even more so in the case of modern infrastructures that are needed to meet the current demand of goods and services worldwide. Anthropic infrastructures in the landscape comprise roads, railways, airports, pipelines, powerlines, wind turbines, dams, water channels, and solar farms, among others.

Landscape changes may affect both the social sphere (e.g., land use, human activities) and the environment (e.g., biodiversity conservation, ecosystem functions) directly or indirectly. In addition, changes may occur at every scale, from local to large geographical areas, which have consequences over any biotic (from individuals to the communities) or abiotic component of the environment (i.e., atmosphere, lithosphere or hydrosphere) and occur before, during, and after construction.

This Special Issue on anthropic infrastructures in the landscape aims to present a variety of studies which explore dynamics and interactions between infrastructures and any component of the environment. Contributions on conceptual, methodological, and case-based studies on this matter are welcome.

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 May 2022.